The British School of Lanzarote private education in English
Enseñanzas en Inglès por profesores nativos

Las normas del cole
Class Rules
Class rules are displayed in each classroom. A set of general expectations have been established and are based on positive reinforcement. Individual classes may also negotiate class expectations as part of PHSE, which relate to their needs.

Children and adults are expected to act with courtesy and consideration at all times;
Children and adults are expected to be polite and respectful;
Bullying, in any form, fighting or rough play is not tolerated;
Movement around the school must be in an orderly and sensible manner keeping to the right when possible and in single file;
The school must be kept clean and tidy. Put litter in the bins.
English should be spoken, except in Spanish lessons and at break times;
Pupils are not permitted to enter any room in school or to leave school without permission.
Eating must be confined to the dinning room and patio areas at break times. Chewing gum, nuts, sweets and canned drinks (including high energy drinks) are not permitted.

School Uniform & General Appearance
School uniform is obligatory.
Pupils are expected to keep their uniform in pristine condition.
Boys are expected to keep their hair short and above the collar.
If girls have dyed hair, it must be within the natural colour range.
Watches may be worn and one set of stud earrings (girls only).
No other item of jewellery or adornment will be permitted in school.

Mobile Phones/Laptops/Tablets
Mobile phones are not permitted at school.
Laptops and Tablets may be used in school with the teacher’s permission, but no responsibility is taken by the school for their safe keeping.

Internet & Social Networking Sites
The school has a clear policy on IT acceptable use.
All Pupils from Year 7 to 11 are expected to sign and adhere to an IT agreement.
Misuse of the Internet is not tolerated.
Posting of pictures and information related to school on social media sites is not allowed under any circumstances.

Lateness & Absence
Pupils must arrive at school before the gate closes at 08:55 for registration. Those who arrive late should be brought to Administration.
Children must attend school on all days on which the school is open. Therefore, parents are reminded that children may not have time off for holidays except for those established by the Spanish Ministry of Education.
If your child is absent from school a letter must be given to the form teacher on the child's return. Authorized absences are those accompanied by a Doctor’s certificate only.
Every term we are obliged to report all absences, be they authorized or unauthorized, to the Local Education Inspectorate.

Dropping off & Collecting Children
At the end of the day, children will only be handed over to their parents or persons authorized by them. Please inform Administration if a different person will be picking up your child.
For pupils’ safety, and to avoid unnecessary traffic queues which impose delays on other families, we kindly request that you do not stop your car outside of the school entrance to drop off or collect your children – PLEASE PARK FIRST.
Pupils in FOUNDATION 1 & FOUNDATION 2 should be collected promptly at 3:00pm.
ALL OTHER YEAR GROUPS should be collected promptly at 3.10pm (or at 4.00pm if they are attending an after-school club). These times must be respected.

Appointments with the Headteacher & Teaching Staff
The Headteacher and staff will be pleased to talk to any parent concerning their child's education.
Please ring Administration to arrange an appointment.
NB. Most of our teachers can speak a little Spanish; however, if you have anything complicated to transmit the onus is on the parent to supply a translator.